Testimony and presentation (eye contour and eyebrows)

Maquillage permanent contour des yeux et sourcils
Presentation of our 3rd superb client!

Zoe is intolerant of conventional makeup, so she chose permanent makeup to always be at her best.

  • She had a make-up of her eyes with a line around the black eye, so to deepen her eyes, Josée Lemieux finished with a line inside.
  • She had a makeup of her eyebrows by shading

“I am satisfied with the results, Permanent Makeup makes my life easier, when I’m in a hurry, my makeup is already in place. My personal esteem has increased thanks to this permanent makeup. I also greatly appreciated the professionalism and kindness of Josée Lemieux, she is very talented and sensitive to the needs of her clientele. I highly recommend it. Thanks to this permanent makeup, I no longer have eye irritation due to my makeup intolerance that I had to apply day after day. People compliment me on my makeup! “

Zoé F March 19, 2015

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