3 Eyebrow Creation Techniques

3 Techniques de création de sourcils

For a professional makeup of your eyebrows!

The most important thing, of course, is that your eyebrows are well adjusted, so they give you a rested and rejuvenated look, without anyone noticing. Each technique is chosen according to the existing base as well as the desired result.


“Farewell pencil, powder and brushes” gives a powdery appearance and the illusion that your eyebrows are more provided. The color will be determined according to your natural eyebrows and your complexion.


The most requested technique, really natural effect, gives the illusion of a bristle, we will use the same color as your natural hair while taking into account your complexion

3D eyebrow effect:

Perfect for people without eyebrows! A game of shadows and lights is created to really give the desired natural look, 3 colors used for this technique hair / fur. These are determined according to your complexion.

Each treatment is preceded by the application of a topical anesthetic (cream), then everything is pain free, then a shape is drawn according to your morphology and your personality. When you are completely satisfied with what I suggest to you at the consultation, it is only then that one proceeds to the treatment. It takes about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 depending on the work to be done, but sure, say goodbye to your pencils!


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