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Offered in Montreal, Laval, Quebec and several other regions.

  • Baldness and Hair Correction

    This technique for men and women replicates human hair so accurately that it can easily be mistaken for a hair transplant. It has already been tried and tested for years in the United States.

  • Correction of Scars or Asymmetry

    Benefit from custom pigmentation to reduce the visibility of scars. The results are always amazing, and the treatment will not change the texture of your skin, giving you the finish of a permanent foundation instead.

  • Sparse hair

    Tricopigmentation can improve the density of the hair without a surgical procedure. The sparse areas are camouflaged and a volume is created.

  • Vitiligo Camouflage

    This technique provides ultimate camouflage by putting pigment back into discoloured skin, making skin discolouration much less visible.

  • Alopecia

    Following a total or partial fall of hair, the affected areas are filled by a hair appearance. A complete shaved head can be reproduced.

  • Guarantee

    All of our treatments include a follow-up and a touch-up treatment as needed. We recommend a second procedure in the five to fifteen years following the treatment to freshen up the colour. We offer this service at half-price.

Sparse hair up to scar correction

Do you know tricopigmentation?

Tricopigmentation: 3D micropigmentation

Following a private training in Italy, where I was able to increase my expertise by working with this innovative technique, I can now offer tricopigmentation, or micropigmentation in 3D.

It is a patented process, developed in Milan, that creates the effect of a denser hair, without surgery. It may be complementary to the hair transplant, but it also serves to reproduce the appearance of hair on a shaved head, to fill some areas more sparse or camouflage scars on the scalp.

Tricopigmentation is distinguished from permanent makeup by the use of a device, pigments and needles developed specifically for this treatment.

There is also the paramedical care that is less known, here are some of the services offered. You have access to the treatment of baldness (alternative or complementary treatment to hair transplant) that gives a completely natural appearance. In addition, it is possible to correct scars or discoloration, for example following an accident or an operation. In short, there is a solution to your problem, that’s for sure! The most difficult thing is to take the first step towards consultation. I will take the time to listen to you, check your expectations and offer you realistic answers.

Finally, this rewarding experience will have allowed me to work on a new 3D technology, but especially to deepen my knowledge in micropigmentation. In addition, she gave me a multitude of tools to provide you with cutting-edge services that allow me to satisfy my clientele.

Hope to meet you soon!

How is a tricopigmentation treatment?

Free consultation:
Because everyone is unique; any treatment requires consultation. Either by making an appointment with Josée in one of our many clinics throughout Quebec, or by sending us a photo of the area to be treated. Subsequently, Josée determines the time to predict for the first treatment.

First treatment:
It is suggested to arrive with the shortest hair possible, however we should not shave the same day. During this treatment, the color of your pigment is created and applied throughout the region.

Second treatment:
In the following weeks, retouching is done to integrate the pigments naturally through your hair and to add density to the initial treatment. Half of the time of the previous treatment is required. Up to four sessions may be required to achieve the desired result.

Care Kit:
Following treatment, a $ 50 post-treatment care kit is suggested. It is composed of sterile compresses, a healing ointment and mineral sun powder for the eyebrows.

Followed 6 months:
Josée sees you again after six months to ensure healing. A retouch, if necessary, is offered at a cost of $ 250.

Annual follow-up:
An annual follow-up is included in the treatment. These follow-ups help to keep the results optimal. A retouch, if necessary, is offered at a cost of $ 250.

Kit included:
All treatments include a kit that consists of a shampoo, a pH stabilizing serum and a mineral solar powder.


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