Italy: a place of inspiration and training!


This month, I had the opportunity to go to Italy to attend a private training on Tricopigmentation, or micropigmentation in 3D. During this intensive week offered by Beauty Medical nurses, I was able to increase my expertise by working with this innovative technique.


It is a patented process, developed in Milan, that creates the effect of a denser hair, without surgery. It may be complementary to the hair transplant, but it also serves to reproduce the appearance of hair on a shaved head, to fill some areas more sparse or camouflage scars on the scalp.

Tricopigmentation is distinguished from permanent makeup by the use of a device, pigments and needles developed specifically for this treatment.

Finally, this rewarding experience will have allowed me to work on a new 3D technology, but especially to deepen my knowledge in micropigmentation. In addition, she gave me a multitude of tools whether for the eyes, lips, eyebrows or baldness to satisfy my clientele.


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