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Your lips in the image of your beauty

Permanent makeup on all lips!

Each treatment is personalized, Josée determines with you the ideal technique according to the shape of your lips, the color of your lips and your complexion, as well as the desired effect. Here are the techniques available to you.
Maquillage Permanent Josée Lemieux - contour lèvres

Lip Liners

A trace, closest to your natural color, can give the illusion of lips more fleshy and especially perfectly defined. You will then have the option to be natural or simply drop a small gloss or your favorite lipstick.
Maquillage Permanent Josée Lemieux - Lèvres semi-remplissage

Blurred lip liner

This technique is mainly performed to correct a slight asymmetry, but can also correct a larger asymmetry. The outline is melted to the inside of the lip. The result is most natural.
Maquillage Permanent Josée Lemieux - Rouge lèvres


To simply give a “good-looking” effect to your lips or to wear your favorite color. The variety of shades is determined by your complexion and the choice of colors is unlimited since Josée creates them tailor-made for you.
Maquillage Permanent Josée Lemieux - Lèvres 3D

3D Lips

The ultimate « trompe-l’oeil » for the lips needing volume, you will have a more natural effect. Several shades of color are used to play with the lights, you will never have had such beautiful lips.

Some colors available

How is a session of permanent make-up of the lips?

The conduct of a permanent makeup session can be a source of concern for many, however there is no reason to worry …

levrespageFree consultation:
First, Josée offers you an appointment to determine the desired treatment and answer your questions. During this meeting, you discuss your needs, the result you want and with Josée you determine the appropriate treatment. To do this, it takes into account the shape of your face, your tastes, as well as the complexion of your skin. It is possible to do the treatment the same day of your consultation, if you wish.

Treatment :
A topical anesthetic is applied and about twenty minutes later, Josée starts the treatment which lasts on average 1 hour 15 minutes. You will feel a slight vibration on the treated area. A post-treatment care package can be given for optimal healing. The week after treatment, the pool is prohibited and all other sources of bacteria. After this week, you can resume your usual beauty routine.

Followed :
An appointment for retouching is available within 4 to 12 weeks of your treatment. So Josée makes sure of your complete satisfaction.

Care Kit:
Following treatment, a $ 50 post-treatment care kit is suggested. It consists of ice gel compresses, a healing ointment, Vaseline and a mineral solar lotion.

It is very important to follow the recommendations to ensure optimal results. We do not scratch, we do not scrub and especially we do not tear the scabies. In case of swelling or pain, you can apply ice. Only clean the treated area with fresh water for the first week.

Unless otherwise recommended by Josée, apply the healing ointment in a thin layer, two to four times a day for 1 week. In case of redness and irritation, apply Polysporin in a thin layer.

It is normal to have swelling about 2 to 4 days after treatment, also to have small scabies and a feeling of tightness for 1 to 2 weeks. If you have other symptoms, please contact us.

All treatment includes follow-up and retouching as needed. After 5 to 10 years a color addition is suggested to revive the pigmentation.

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