Answers to the most frequently asked questions about permanent makeup.

What are the dangers of permanent makeup?
There is virtually no risk, because all the instruments Josée uses are single-use or sterilized. After reviewing the completed health check, Josée will ensure that you are a candidate to receive her treatments safely.

How much does permanent makeup cost?
On average $ 600 per treated area. Contact us for more details on this subject.

What are the paramedical services you treat?
Camouflage of scars, dark circles, baldness and alopecia. We also offer hair correction, asymmetry, as well as breast areole reproduction.

Can I return to work the next day?
No problem! The only factor that could influence your return would be an aesthetic aspect. Indeed, the result can be darker and more structured than what you want, and this, for about 1 week.

How is a permanent make-up session?
Josée talks with you to target your needs and desired outcome. It also takes into account the shape of your face and the hue of your skin to better advise you. When you are completely satisfied, Josée applies a topical anesthetic and starts the treatment which lasts on average 1 hour.

What are the recommendations before treatment?
No preparation is necessary.

What are the recommendations after treatment?
Do not apply anything or make up the treated area, ideally for 1 week. The pool is to be avoided and all other sources of bacteria.

What are the factors that influence the lifespan of permanent makeup?
Sun exposure, the color of the pigment chosen at the base and the ability of your system to remove pigments.

What materials are the pigments made of?
They are of plant and mineral origin.

What is the difference between permanent makeup and tattoo?
The pigments, the technique, the gauge of the needles, the depth of implantation of the pigments and the duration of life.

Is the treatment painful?
No, the majority of clients tell us that they have had virtually no pain. A topical anesthetic is applied.

What is Microblading?
A semi-permanent makeup technique, which is at the base, an old technique that has been improved and put back on the market for a very natural look of the eyebrows.

What are the possible color choices?
The choice of color is unlimited and chosen according to your needs.

What are the contraindications?
The only contraindications would be severe medical problems.

How long does a treatment take?
More or less 1 hour, depending on the treatment, Josée due to its expertise is very accurate and efficient.

When will I be able to wear makeup again?
One week after treatment, you can start your beauty routine again.

Are laser treatments harmful to permanent makeup?
If you are dealing with professionals for your laser, they will guide you, because yes most lasers should not be used on the area treated with permanent makeup.

Can I be allergic to the products used?
We can not assure you that no, but cases of allergies are extremely rare. In case of doubt, we will provide an allergy test during the consultation.

Can consultation and treatment be done in one sitting?
Yes, it is the choice of the majority of our clientele.

What are the forms of payment accepted?
Visa, MasterCard and Debit.

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