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Paramedical Techniques


We all have an imperfection that disturbs us to different degrees, whether after an operation, an accident, a hair transplant, a tattoo removal … If so, permanent makeup paramedics is for you!

Areolas breasts 3D

Cancer and breast reduction or augmentation can sometimes leave undesirable traces. I finish once all the treatments have been done. I can also give back to your areola its initial shape; if the damage is partial, a replica of the areola will be made. On the other hand, if the reconstruction is total, the measurements will be taken according to your physique, because one does not place the areola anywhere. The natural aspect is important and the trompe-l’œil must be perfect. This process is painless.

Scar or vitiligo

Like a camouflage, I will create a color tailored for you, restoring the color of your skin to the scar or discoloration; thus, they will be much less visible. The result is always amazing. Indeed, the treatment does not change the texture of your skin; it’s like applying a permanent concealer …


Your baldness bother you? The goal is to simulate the appearance of a hair on your scalp. The technique is becoming more popular and gives immediate results. We thus find a natural aspect. I use this technique as well for shaved heads as following a hair transplant or just to hide a lack of hair. A pigment and a needle specially designed for this purpose will be used and this treatment is painless.

Each consultation is made in the greatest respect, whatever your need.

I’m waiting for you!


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