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A true artist, Josée strongly believes in continuing education. She studied in Canada, Europe and the United States, where she earned a Master’s in permanent makeup.



A natural and genuine listener, Josée will guide you through the entire procedure: whether it’s correcting asymmetry, masking baldness, hiding a tattoo, camouflaging a scar or brushing up your look for a fresh and well-rested appearance.

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Josée works with several doctors throughout Quebec. Find a clinic near you in Montreal, Laval, Quebec, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres, Victoriaville, Drummondville, Beauce . . . and more!


What do you really know about permanent makeup?

Our services are available in Montreal, Laval and in many other areas in Quebec

Eyebrow Shading

 The right eyebrow shape defines your face, makes eyes appear larger and can change your appearance entirely. A complementary shape will make you appear well-rested and rejuvenated. Your eyebrow shape is determined by analysing the shape of your face.

Hair-Stroke Eyebrows

This technique draws hairs through your own eyebrows, giving your brows a fuller, flawless look. The results are the most natural.

3D Eyebrows

Ideal for those lacking eyebrows or with scattered eyebrow hairs. A light effect is created to give you your desired, natural look. This technique uses three colours.


Whether you choose a natural or bold look, one thing is certain—your eyes will steal the spotlight! Bring in your favourite eyeliner pencil and Josée will replicate the colour.


Whether it’s for that powdered effect or simply bring out your eyes, you’ll love this unique technique. An impressive range of colours available.  

Eyes (Inside)

The aim of this technique is to give you a more intense look: it has the same effect as applying eyeliner to the inside of your eye. Prepare to dazzle!  


This technique is ideal for correcting asymmetry or to add more pigment to your lips. Go for a natural or more formal look and say goodbye to lipsticks that rub off!

3D Lips

This technique is used to give lips more volume. Ideal for thin lips, it gives the illusion of fullness.

Lip Liners

This technique is used to redefine smudged borders or to correct slight imperfections. Perfect for those who prefer not to wear any lipstick.

Correction of Scars or Asymmetry

Benefit from custom pigmentation to reduce the visibility of scars. The results are always amazing, and the treatment will not change the texture of your skin, giving you the finish of a permanent foundation instead.  

Dermapigmentation Tattoo Removal or Correction

Whether for an updateto a past procedure or to fix a problem with a poorly executed dermapigmentation treatment, there is always a solution. We can change the shape of your eyebrows, readjust your eyeliner or fix the contour of your lips.

3D Breast Areolas

Cancer, breast reductions or augmentations can sometimes leave unwanted scars. Our technique is designed to give you a natural look, with an illusion that could fool anybody, all without the pain!!!

Baldness and Hair Correction

This technique for men and women replicates human hair so accurately that it can easily be mistaken for a hair transplant. It has already been tried and tested for years in the United States.

Vitiligo Camouflage

This technique provides ultimate camouflage by putting pigment back into discoloured skin, making skin discolouration much less visible.


All of our treatments include a follow-up and a touch-up treatment as needed. We recommend a second procedure in the five to fifteen years following the treatment to freshen up the colour. We offer this service at half-price.

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