Perfect lips

What woman does not want to have beautiful lips ??

By correcting an asymmetry, redefining the outline or simply enhancing the natural color, at all times you will have the lips you want. After a permanent makeup, you will not have to worry about your lipstick overflowing your initial path or just disappearing … There are several techniques available to you, all depends on the desired results . Everything is to be determined with you during a consultation meeting.

Lip contour

Your lips are less defined !!! Aging process, wild sores … the causes can be many. A line closest to your natural color can give the illusion of a luscious and perfectly defined lip. You will then have the option to be natural or just to put a little “gloss” (lip gloss).

Contour and semi-filling

The treatment starts as the previous treatment, but your contour is melted to the inside of the lip. I mainly perform this technique to correct a slight asymmetry.

Contour and full filling (lipstick)

To simply give a “good-looking” effect to your lips or to wear your favorite color. This technique is also excellent for correcting greater asymmetry or for restoring volume. The variety of hues is endless. A color test is performed beforehand, during the treatment.

3D lips

The trompe-l’oeil par excellence for the lips needing volume, you will have a more natural effect. Several shades of color are used to play with the lights, you will never have had such beautiful lips.

All treatments are offered without pain. You will also have a follow-up appointment included, one month after your treatment, so that I am sure of your complete satisfaction.

Permanent makeup on all lips …

Ask for a consultation with Josée Lemieux!



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