Eye makeup technique


Eye makeup is not a simple task. The shape of the eye, the color of the eyes, the complexion, the texture of the eyelids must be taken into account. I’m looking for the best way to give intensity to your eyes without weighing the eye. Because makeup too dark, poorly positioned or too intense would cause to shrink the eye. I want to create the illusion of beautiful almond eyes and well-supplied lashes.

Here are some techniques that we can privilege during the treatment after having discussed during the consultation of your tastes and your desires. I even suggest you come in makeup or bring your favorite pencil to the consultation, so that I can see what you like to wear as makeup and customize your treatment.

Superior and inferior eyeliner effect that rejuvenates the eye while opening your eyes and is always appreciated

The line can be made inside or outside eyelashes, regardless of the color, it gives a deep and intense look. You can say goodbye to your pencil!

Small lines between the eyelashes

Small lines are drawn between the eyelashes to give the illusion of a lighter eyelash without looking made up. Perfect solution for people who do not always want to be makeup with an “eyeliner”, but want to bring out their eyes. Very appreciate by the sports!

Raising your line with an eyeshadow

Do you really want to wear makeup? Well, this is for you! The color, which is placed above your “eyeliner”, will give the illusion of a powdery makeup delicately placed. Here is the perfect choice for a complete makeup, from morning to evening.

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