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What permanent make-up in 3 D can do for you?

Here are the 4 areas of the body on which the technique “Three Dimensions” gives excellent results.


The eyebrows are defined with bristles and mixed with three colors to create a play of shadow and light. The result is very natural. When you look in the mirror and pay close attention to your face, you will notice that the light is not uniform everywhere, it is the same thing at the level of your eyebrows. On the other hand, if you have very pale eyebrows the effect is more difficult to reproduce, so it is necessary to favor a medium to dark intensity. This allows to have more density in the eyebrow without having the effect

The scalp for alopecia in women and baldness in men

In the scalp, avoid the effect “helmet bath” too uniform, the 3 D will give the appearance of a hair. Everything is done with a needle that is no bigger than a natural hair or a bristle.

The lips

Who does not dream of having a luscious lip and that the effect lasts more than a few months? The 3D on the lips can run in the colors of your choice except of course as in the previous treatments, to want a very pale lip. So the principle is that, with several tones, we start from the darkest towards the outside by going to the paler inwards without creating a demarcation of course. The color is chosen primarily depending on your complexion, but also your taste bring us your favorite lipstick and we will make you the copy.

The areolas of the nipples

Reproduction of the areolas of your nipples, following surgery due to an aesthetic or medical intervention, because the appearance of your areolas is important. A natural areola is not just a color. So to make a perfect reproduction, we will get closer to the color of your nipple or redefine what was the areola of your breasts before surgery according to your physiognomy and your expectations. Unlike previous treatments, everything runs in 2 or 3 sessions to get a perfect result. Quietly, but surely. Your satisfaction is my priority!

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