What is MICROBLADING?microblading_sourcils

This is the newest, cutting-edge method of 3D eyebrow dermopigmentation. It allows to draw by hand with microphones needles lines of extreme precision for a very natural effect. Originally from Japan, the technique became popular in Asia, Europe, the United States and now arrives in Quebec. Microblading is already a resounding success with all those who wish to improve the appearance of their eyebrows by an aesthetic enhancement.

Between “micro” (very thin) and “blade” (blade, in English), the name is easy to understand. It is a sterile beveled blade that consists of several very fine needles, which are inserted manually into the skin, with gentle and progressive pressure. This technique of pigmentation reproduces the identical implantation of real hair. Microblading makes it possible to draw extremely fine lines. In the end, we get a very natural result to a reconstruction of the eyebrows.

Aimed primarily at women who are not satisfied with their natural implantation, but also at all those whose eyebrows have been damaged, either by the disease or by a scar, Microblading is a very satisfactory solution because allows to completely replace eyebrows or partially. It can also be used to correct density and shape.

Both the outfit and the permanent make-up depend on several factors: the age, the quality of the skin and the immune system of the client. On the other hand the duration of the resistance of the pigments is lower than that of the dermopigmentation. It must be retouched within four weeks and restored every 12 or 15 months.

The advantages of Microblading:

It is accessible to both men and women wishing to improve the appearance of their eyebrows.
The results are natural, resembling hair, regardless of the amount of hair present.

People suffering from alopecia, trigonometry or any other conditions that causes hair / hair loss will greatly benefit from Microblading.

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