Bring out your eyes, even at the pool!

Faites ressortir vos yeux, même à la piscine!

Permanent makeup of the eyes

Many of you have planned a getaway to save yourself from winter. However, you like to be at your best without having to worry about makeup flowing during your vacation. So, whether for your “Eye liner” or for your bare eyebrows, permanent makeup is ideal for active people.

For golf or the pool, who does not like to have beautiful eyes? From now on, stop being afraid of blotting your face or your eyes burning, because permanent makeup is offered to you. Moreover, know that several techniques can be used, either to give depth to your eyes, to enlarge your eyes or to give the impression of having more lashes or eyebrows.

The eye liner, the eyeshadow or to define your eyebrows must absolutely be adapted to your eyes. As with anything you want to improve in your face, your look requires special attention. People should not notice your permanent makeup, but your eyes first!

A consultation is needed to give you a glimpse of what a custom make-up can do for your eyes.

Ask for a consultation with Josée Lemieux!


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