Your baldness bother you?


Whether for the man or for the woman, baldness reached in many cases our confidence and our self-esteem. In addition to having done a master’s degree in permanent cosmetic and paramedical makeup, I have specialized in my field of expertise to correct hair loss (baldness). I use this technique as well for shaved coconuts as a result of a transplant or just to hide a lack of hair.

The treatment involves recreating a natural appearance of the missing density, the technique really gives a 3D illusion. It is a replica of a natural hair that gives the effect of a graft to be mistaken and long lasting. A pigment and a needle specially designed for this purpose will be used. Also the treatment will be personalized according to the size of your natural hair, the area to be treated, as well as your complexion.

This is really the “trompe-l’œil” par excellence to camouflage, regain a youthful appearance and your confidence before. Everything is done without pain.

Since each person is unique, a consultation must be done beforehand.

Ask for a consultation with Josée Lemieux!


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