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Permanent makeup improves the natural line of your eyebrows, thanks to several techniques. In one appointment, I offer you a glimpse of what your eyebrows might look like with permanent makeup and I can also proceed with the treatment, if you wish.

The definition of your eyebrows must absolutely be adapted according to several factors:

  • the distance between your eyes
  • the size and width of your nose
  • shape your jaw
  • the color of your natural eyebrows and your complexion

Moreover, to rely solely on the color of your hair is a mistake to avoid. So you will get a personalized result to your image.

Each treatment is preceded by the application of a topical anesthetic (cream) so everything is pain free. When you are completely satisfied with what I am suggesting to you, it is only then that you proceed to the treatment. It takes about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 depending on the work to be done, but sure thing said goodbye to your pencils!

I am trying to recreate your natural line for optimal results. Well defined eyebrows give a rejuvenated and rested look.

Besides, know that several complementary permanent makeup techniques can be used to give depth to your eyes, enlarge your eyes or give the impression of having more eyelashes.

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