Make up the traces of cancer


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After an ordeal as painful as breast cancer, one must rebuild as much from the human point of view, as physical. The removal of a tumor sometimes leaves after-effects that in some women can be an attack on their femininity.

The 3D tattoo of the areola of the breasts is an alternative. The purpose of this treatment is to regain his confidence and dignity. If the nipples are nonexistent, they will be made in trompe l’oeil. On the other hand that you have a partial or total discoloration the results are really natural. A first meeting is necessary to determine your expectations and make a color test if necessary. During the second meeting, we start with measurements to ensure symmetry and we proceed to coloring the desired region with several color gradients, the results are immediate. The last visit is to ensure that the result is up to your expectations and to bring a final touch to what may deceive many.

New techniques have just appeared on the market and everything is really pain free. Retouching will be necessary to revive the color only after several years (5 to 10 years). It will be recommended also in other cases of surgeries such as breast augmentation or reduction.

The camouflage of unsightly scars is also possible and under the same principle as the steps listed above.

Each consultation is made in the greatest respect, whatever your need.

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