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[section paddingtop=”100″ paddingbottom=”100″ background=”image-parallax” imageurl=”” overlaycolor=”rgba(27,33,36,0.7)”] [column animation=”bounce-in” delay=”0″] [iconbox type=”icon-float” icon=”fa-laptop” title=”Book an appointment”]Our services are available in Montreal, Laval, and also in other areas of Quebec[/iconbox] [/column] [column animation=”bounce-in” delay=”800″] [iconbox type=”icon-float” icon=”fa-phone” title=”Call us”]My assistant Caroline will be happy to answer all your questions. 1-877-437-9611[/iconbox] [/column] [column animation=”bounce-in” delay=”400″] [iconbox type=”icon-float” icon=”fa-envelope-o” title=”Free Consultation”]A true artist, Josée Lemieux, 30 Years of Experience[/iconbox] [/column] [/section]